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Training: The Party

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Full circle Series - by NSD Jan Thetford: What does working full circle really mean?

Kick off series on working full circle. Everything you could possibly want to know!  Listen to my Vox

You are going to love love love this message. Thank you Cadillac Sr Sales Director Wendy Masterson! Listen to my Vox

A strong skin care class has 3 parts: The Opening, The Middle, and The Close. Listen to this great message from Cadillac Director Angie Hunsaker on the value of a strong opening. It's excellent! Listen to my Vox

Closing the Sale! Do you want to know how to completely alleviate the objection of price? This is it! Thank you Sales Director Tonya Blackburn for this great message! Listen to my Vox

Part 1 Preprofiling: Relationship Building, Information Gathering, & Team Building by Layering by Million $ Director Heather Daniel Kent. Listen to my vox

Part 2 Preprofiling texts from Million $ Director HDK:

Hey___.  I have a couple of questions for you before Saturday!

1. What is your experience with Mary Kay products/company?

2. Any skin issues that you have questions any concerns?

3. If I could teach you anything about skin and/or makeup, what would you like to know?

4. I have a 13 min MK video, if you'd be interested in watching it, I have a free eyeshadow for you! You up for that? After she says yes: I have 4 questions for you after you watch! Let me know when you are done!

Your follow up questions:

Here are my questions for you!

1. What impressed you most about the video?

2. What questions did it leave you with?

3. If you were to ever to join our Mary Kay team, what would you enjoy the most?

4. On a scale of 1-10. 1 being you would rather cut off your toe than be a consultant send 10 being, I'm ready to go! What were you before the video? After the video?

Sharing the Marketing plan at your Parties/Selling appointments with these Key Points with Christy Bigham, Executive Sr. Sales Director

Listen to my vox:

Transition Statement: "Before I let you go, I want to share with you my job description."

1. We teach skin care & Color (elaborate)

2. We make 50% (elaborate)

3. The average customer buys $XX. The average party sells $xx (elaborate)

4. No customer or party quotas (elaborate)

5. Team Build as a second income (elaborate)

6. 4, 9,13% scenario (elaborate)

7. Earn cars (elaborate)

8. MK has a great reputation (elaborate)

9. We are all grown women. Right. What you put in to something is what you get out of it.

10. Flexible to sprinkle in your life

11. It's $100 to start

12. Pass out the agreement

13. Itemize Kit

14. Honor Instant Decisions (Free Product Gift)

15. Either way is great with me

How to Generate Leads by Sr. Sales Director Susan Carmichael. Her words on booking before and after are fabulous!

Listen to my Vox

Mary Kay taught us... Every basic sold is a new booking! Ahhhh..... A great full circle skill. NSD Jan Thetford

Listen to my Vox

Scripts below are Awesome! They originate from NSD Lia Carta forwarded by Future Executive Sr Sales Director Brandi Driggers!

After I Book I send 7 Texts (Lia Carta) to the hostess:

#1 (I send as soon as I book her, even if she hasn't committed to inviting friends) Hi Esmy! It's Brandi with Mary Kay! I'm super excited to pamper you and some girlfriends on Friday, Sept 2nd @ 6pm! We will be doing a Mary Kay facial with a Microdemabrasion treatment (these are about $200 at the spa so it's a great deal)! You will get your ($25 gift card) at this appointment! Most women love doing this experience with a few others! AND You can have up to 5 join you and your guests receive a Gift Bag! I’m sending you a text invite that you can send to others, they just need to be 18 or older!!  

#2 (I send right after above text) I will be wrapping up your friends' gift bags tomorrow, so go ahead and copy and start sending the text below and my photo! I'm excited to give these to you and your friends! I would go ahead and send to 15 friends, that way 4-6 will show...and if all 15 RSVP...then I will just break the rules and give away more freebies!  Excited to get to know you and I will keep you updated on who responds! *If I start getting responses tonight...a FREE full-size mascara FOR YOU!  

#3 (I send right after above text so the hostess can send to her friends) Hey friend! I'm super excited! I have been gifted with a pampering package for myself and 5 friends from ( ) with Mary Kay! And you know how much I LOVE you, so you are one of the 5 I picked for (day) @ ( )! Part of my package is you get a customized Gift Bag with fun products in it! Can you text ( ) @ (phone #) with your RSVP so she can make sure to customize your Gift Bag with products YOU WILL LOVE!? And here's a photo of her so you have a face to go with her!

 #4 (I send right after above text so hostess can send to her friends) Photo of me and hostess!

#5 (I send to hostess as her friends respond to me) Hi Esmy! Wow!! I've heard from (name) and she's excited to join us at your mk party!! 

#6 (I send day before party) Short video of me holding gift bags! Saying... Hi Esmy! Super excited to pamper you and your girlfriends tomorrow! I have the goodie bags ready to give! Thank you thank you for letting me pamper you and your friends! See you tomorrow!  

#7 (I send day of party) Morning! Ok so far I know (list of her friends) are joining us today! Anyone else you know of that can fill all 5 seats?! OR Way to go Esmy...All 5 seats are filled so this means the most FREEBIES for YOU! I love giving gifts!  

Texts sent to girlfriends to Preprofile/Confirm!

#1 Text #3 above that the hostess sends her friends!

#2 Text #4 above that the hostess sends to her friends!

#3 (I send to friends when they text me to let me know they are coming) Hi there!! I'm very excited to pamper you on Wednesday at Esmy's party! For your Gift Bag, do you want more makeup or skincare products? Thank you for helping your girlfriend out and filling one of her limited seats! She will be so excited when I let her know you are joining us! Yea! Also if you can answer these questions real quick: 1-are you currently a MK customer? 2-is there anything going on with your skin currently that I can help with (dryness, oiliness, bumps, etc)!? 3-are you 18 or older!?

#4 (i send day before party) Short video of me holding gift bags! Saying... Hi (name)! Super excited to pamper you tomorrow! I have your goodie bags ready to give! Thank you thank you for being a great friend to Esmy! She gets the most FREEBIES when all 5 seats are filled so if something changes, pretty please let one of us know! See you tomorrow!  

#5 (i send day of party) Hi (guest name)! Excited to meet YOU today @ ()! I've already let your girlfriend (hostess name) know to reserve your seat! If something changes let us know bc seats are limited and I know (hostess name) is working of filling all 5!