Prestigous Pink Cadillac Unit 

  Jenny's Almighty Angels


#1 - Booking a Powerstart (30 Faces in 30 Days)

Hi _____! How are you? Okay, random question, so I am now a Mary Kay beauty consultant and part of my training is to give 30 women a free facial in my first month. Basically, you get an anti-aging facial and foundation matching! Any chance you could be one of my 30?

That's it :) your goal is to send this script (don't change the wording except the name) to everyone you know! And it has to be personalized and individually sent to each person. If you mass message you will get no response. You can send this by txt, by email and by personal FB message! Happy booking 😊

Ideally you want to send this to over 75-100 people today. If you send it to 100, 10 will say yes. If more say yes, GREAT! That's a blessing! Don't worry, 50% of what you book will cancel or reschedule, so it's recommended to overbook and even double and triple book the same time slot. It always works itself out 😊

#2 - Booking Facebook Referrals

To your FB friend: Hi Marie! How is everything with you? I hope you are great:) I'm working toward a really huge promotion in my business with Mary Kay to earn my next free car and have been challenged to do a test panel and or get the opinion of 50 new women in the next 30 days. Would it be ok if I messaged a few women on your FB page to offer them a complimentary facial to help me with my goal? I'm super nice about it and respectful of their answers. Thanks either way! 💖Kimberly

#3 - To Friends of Facebook Friends Booking

Hi, I am Kimberly and I don't think we've met, but Leslie Dauphinee gave me your name. I have a favor to ask you...She is helping me with a Mary Kay contest. I am trying to earn my 3rd pink Cadillac!!! And I have to do 100 free facials this month to earn that. I am running out of people I know, so I have resorted to messaging complete strangers via Facebook, lol! She thought you might be adventurous enough to lend me your face and you get a FREE GIFT. Can you help me out? Thanks either way! 💖Kimberly

Ok awesome! I hold all individuals facials at my studio in Lincolnton on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Or, if you would prefer to share your appointment with 2-5 friends (and get FREE products). I can be a little more flexible on the date. What works better for you?

#4 - Booking Stop & Shops/Holiday Coffees

For current customers: Hey ___! I have a fun way to help u save money & time during the Holidays & even get HUGE discounts on some of ur MK faves! I know it's a really busy time for women, that's why I'm offering quick Holiday Coffees and Stop & Shops! If u have an hour, have a quick holiday coffee with girlfriends and shop at 1/2 price with me!!  I even bring the coffee and cookies! If you only have 15 min to spare, let's schedule a time for me to swing by ur office or home to help take care of those stocking stuffers! Which option is best for u?

#5 - Booking from a Lead Box

Recommended to set in three separate texts so it feels more real. Hi Jenna! This is Sarah Smith with Mary Kay! You entered to win a free facial and gift card at Tommy’s Nail Spa! You are my Grand Prize Winner! So Exciting. (Send this first) You will get a free pampering session at my studio in Westlake! You will receive a satin hands treatment, an anti-aging facial with Microdermabrasion and expert foundation matching for you and a couple friends! (Send this second) My studio is called Studio Pink! Are you okay with just texting or would you prefer that I call you to set up the appointment?

#6 - Following Up from Roses & Booths to Book

"Hi, this is Brittany Mitchell with Mary Kay... we met earlier today when I handed out roses at your office.  As promised, I'm calling with the results of the drawing we held, and I have good news for you!  You were one of our winners!  Unfortunately, you didn't win the GRAND prize... but you DID qualify for a complimentary facial, color makeover and $25 in FREE product of your choice!  So I was calling to let you know you won, and also to schedule a time in the next week or so that we can get together for about an hour so you can enjoy your free facial and makeover, and most importantly, pick out your free product!  What's better for you... weekend day or weekend?  (Wait for answer...) Day or evening?  (Wait for answer...) Great!  I have (choice #1) or (choice #2)... which is better for you?  (Wait for answer...) Great!  So that's (repeat their choice of day and time back to them).  I'm going to send you a confirmation e-mail with driving directions to my studio, which is just a mile from your office.  If you would, just reply back to me... so I know you received it... and I will look forward to seeing you (repeat their choice of day and time here).  ***  By the way, if you want to invite some friends to join you, feel free.  When you have five friends join you, you'll get $50 in free product of your choice instead of just $25.  Thanks so much, and I'll see you soon!"

If the appointment is scheduled for more than 48 hours from now, also say "I'll also pop a confirmation card in the mail to you... what's your mailing address?"  This line would go where the *** is in the script above.

#7 - Referrals from Parties to Bok

Hey Rachel, my name is Jenny. I don't think we have met, but Amy Major gave me your name. I have a favor to ask. If they don't respond back within 30 minutes go ahead and send the second message: She is helping me with a Mary Kay project! I am working on (insert your financial goal here) & I have to do 30 free facials this month & feature them in my Think Pink Professional Women's Portfolio to earn it! I am running out of people I know, so I have resorted to texting complete strangers, Lol! She thought u might be adventurous enough to lend me your face & u would get a FREE GIFT from me! She really enjoyed her pampering session & wants to pass it on to u! Can u help me out?

2. What to say when they reply back with a yes:
If they reply back with sure or they will help, then you say:

Great, would you prefer weekdays, weeknights, or weekends (or what ever your availability is)?

Wait for her reply.

Perfect, I can do __________ or __________. Which works better for you? If those don’t work, I have more to chose from.

Would you like for me to come to you or you come to me (I live _________)?

Awesome! I have you down for _______ at your place!

Now, this can be just me and you or you can invite friends to join us. I give: (explain your hostess plan). There is no obligation to do this; I just know people love FREE stuff.

If she replies that she will try to get a few friends together, let her know you will touch base with her in a couple of days to see who she asked to join. (This is when you will get names and numbers of the people she invited so you can pre-profile and you will also coach her on how she can get them to show up!)

Keep your wording casual and light. Stray away from the words party, invite, guests, hostess, etc… Now a days, this makes ladies think of more work and they will be less likely to book with you.

#8 - Customer Service Follow Up Scripts (Follow up every 2 days, 2 weeks and 2 months!)

2 Day Follow-Up Script:
Hi Susie, this is __________ with Mary Kay. I just wanted to call and say thank you for sharing your time with me the other day! I really enjoyed getting to know you and I had a great time. I’m just doing a little check-up call to make sure that everything is working well for you and that you don’t have any questions about anything. I know that you are super busy, so if you’re happy, don’t even worry about calling me back (although I would love to hear from you). But if you have any questions or concerns at all, please call me right away! You can reach me at _____________. Thanks, and have a great day!

2 Week Follow-Up Script:
Hi Susie, this is __________ with Mary Kay. I’m just doing my little check-up call to see how your skin is (or how you are liking your colors, etc)! I don’t want to bother you, but I did want to make sure that everything is working well for you. I know that you are super busy, so if you’re happy, don’t even worry about calling me back (although I would love to hear from you). But if you have any questions or concerns at all, please call me right away! You can reach me at _____________. Thanks, and have a great day!

2 Month Follow-Up Script:
If you put all of your customers on the PCP List, then you can simply call when the new catalogue comes out. It’s OK if it’s off by a month at first, if you do your 3-day and 3-week calls then you will have a good relationship established!
Hi Susie, this is ____________ with Mary Kay! I’m just doing my quarterly check-up call with all my favorite customers to see how your skin is doing and if you need a re-fill on anything. I also wanted to make sure that you got the catalogue in the mail—you should have gotten it in the last week or so. If you have any questions on the new products, just let me know. We can meet in person anytime or I can send you some samples. I hope you’re doing great! You can reach me at _________ if you need anything. Have a great day!

#9 - Selling to Men for Holidays

Okay so Rich.....I have the most lavish, luxurious, pampering gifts for Christmas.....that will get you more affection than you know what to do with well into February. Yes. I'm serious. I have a 12 Days of Christmas gift of luxury, where you get 12 beautifully wrapped individual gifts; you can give one a day for the 12 days before Christmas placing them in fun places for Anita to find them. Or you can put the entire package under the tree for her.'ll be a hero and have "get out of the doghouse" passes for a year with this one. Let me know. They start at $149, $199, $249 or $299. Lotions, potions, magic formulas for beauty. I’ll ship them to you ready to go! Just say the word! I've had several guys do this and they always have fun with it. One hid it from his wife daily and she had to treasure hunt for it. Another one started out giving her a gift in the morning and slowly made her wait until bedtime...she was very anxious; but I could see his reasoning! LOL!

#10 - Team Building Scripts

To book someone for a Wednesday Night Call: Hi Melissa! This is random but I am in need of 3 volunteers to listen in on a Mary Kay informational call tonight from 9-9:30. You can dial in from your cellphone. Any chance you can listen in?! I give you any Mary Kay item at half off for helping me! 

To book someone for a coffee date to hear more about the Mary Kay Opportunity: Hey question for you... I meet with 3 women a week over coffee to practice sharing Mary Kay’s company info. That keeps me on track for my free Mary Kay car!! Would you be free for like 20 mins sometime tomorrow or next week sometime to meet with me? Coffee is my treat and I bring you a little gift!” 

To book someone for a coffee date that you thought was super cool (send within 1-15 hours of meeting her: Hey Sarah! So great to meet you today...Okay, you’re like hysterical and I loved the story about your car! Crack me up! I would kick myself if I didn’t invite you to coffee to hear more about a Mary Kay business for yourself...Even if its not for you, would be fun to get coffee together and chat for a little bit. Whatcha think? Coffee is my treat and you can even get one of those fun drinks with whipped cream on top! Let me know!

#11 - Booking Interviews

I am in a little challenge with my beauty consultant friends here at retreat! I have to have 10 ladies call in! Would you be able to help by providing feedback on a quick recorded call about our company. You just call into the hotline and follow up my friend Kimberly within 24 hours. And for helping me, you get a FREE lipgloss just for helping me out! I will be one step closer to earning my pearl earrings and bracelet from MK because of you! Can you help me reach my goal?

#12 - Script for setting up an Interview (Text)

3. Script for Setting up an Interview:
Hi _____! I need a huge favor! My friend Jenny has challenged me to share the Mary Kay opportunity with at least 10 ladies! I know this MK thing may or may not be for u, but would u be willing to help me out! Just for watching the video below & following up w/me and my friend Jenny, u r going to get a free eye shadow. There is no obligations or pressure, just a way for me to get my training done. Can u help me please???
Sr. NSD Dacia Wiegandt's Story (13 min long)

#13 - Pre-profiling guests for Party (Day before Text Script)

Hey Chrissie, this is Jenny w/Mary Kay. I will be at Breanan's House tonight to do facials/makeovers. I just wanted to be sure I came prepared, so just answer the questions below really quick and I can't wait to meet u tonight at 7:00!

(Send the questions as a separate text)
1. Is your skin dry, normal, combination, or oily?
2. What one thing would u want to change about your skin?
3. Have u ever tried Mary Kay? If so how long ago?
4. What r u currently using to take care of your skin?
5. Do u usually wear makeup? If so, what kind of coverage do u like, very light, medium, or full?
6. Will/can u bring a friend or two with to get a FREE GIFT from me?

#14 - Suggested Friends on Facebook Script

Hey Katy! I am not sure we know each other personally but you showed up as a suggested friend. I was actually wondering if I could borrow your face? I am a Mary Kay Sales Director and I am putting together my 2014 Glamour Portfolio. Your profile pic is gorgeous and I need a few friendly faces to pamper and glam up and who won't mind me snapping a photo of them. Would you be willing to do this given you have no other consultant servicing you? It's complimentary since you are helping me finish my portfolio?